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tgin Moisture Collection Sample Pack

tgin Moisture Collection Sample Pack

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HEALTHY NATURAL HAIR IN ONE PACKAGE: Our Moist Collection Sample Pack has 4 products that will give you soft, shiny, moisturized and manageable hair. Even dry, straight, curly or color treated hair. SULFATE FREE SHAMPOO: This shampoo is enriched with Coconut oil to gently cleanse your hair, and Amla oil to reduce breakage and increase moisture retention to achieve moisturized and healthy hair. TRIPLE MOISTURE REPLENISHING CONDITIONER: Includes Shea butter, Argan Oil and Jojoba oil. Combining 3 moisturizers ensures that hair is moisturized and sealed from the inside out. HONEY MIRACLE HAIR MASK: Deep conditioner contains raw honey to give you softer, shinier tresses. Combined with jojoba and olive oils, it nourishes and seals, reducing shedding and breakage. BUTTER CREAM DAILY MOISTURIZER: Beautifully enriched with Shea butter, Cocoa butter, and Vitamin E. Using this daily will give your strands the moisture they need to be soft, shiny and manageable. Have you been dying to try our new Moist Collection for Natural Hair? Well, here's your chance. After spending over two years in the lab perfecting this line for natural hair, dryness will be a thing of the past with our new tgin Moist Collection sample pack. This sample pack intentionally attacks frizz and dryness at the core to give you the soft, shiny, manageable, and (most importantly) moisturized curls you long for. For one low price, the Moist Collection for natural hair comes with 2 oz sizes of the Sulfate Free Shampoo, Triple Moisture Replenishing Conditioner, Honey Miracle Hair Mask, and the Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer. All of these products are enriched with ingredients like Argan oil, Shea butter, Vitamin E, Jojoba oil, and Coconut oil that work together to achieve maximum moisture while having a natural fragrance. Our products have been featured in several publications such as Essence, Ebony, Marie Claire, Black Enterprise, USA Today, Heart and Soul, and Sophisticate's Black Hair. This collection does not include the Twist and Define Cream, sold separately.

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