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Embrace Your Crown & Tress

We are a mobile beauty supply. Yes, a beauty supply boutique on wheels! You have to see it! But wait we are more than a hair supply store  ...

At Crown & Tress Beauty Palace, we educate and empower our clients to equip our clients to develop healthy habits to achieve and maintain healthy hair. We empower our clients who have natural or relaxed hair, textured or straight hair, and those who wear wigs or extensions to love and nourish their tress.  We are all about that hair love to help our clients embrace their crown. 

We provide hair, scalp, and product consults, hair services, hair journey coaching, wig maintenance, wig installs, handmade custom hairpieces for spot balding, hair courses, and much more.

***All services are only performed on freshly washed and conditioned hair.*

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  • Crown & Tress Flyer Cosmetologist Hair & Scalp Analysis

    Cosmetologist Hair & Scalp Analysis

    Is your hair damaged or experiencing severe breakage?

    A hair and scalp analysis allows us to see the state of your scalp up close. We assess the condition of your scalp and your hair. Our findings help us guide you to a solution specific for your hair goals.

  • Crown & Tress Flyer Cosmetologist Hair & Scalp Analysis

    Hair Journey Coaching

    When you schedule a hair coaching session, we’ll work together to determine how you can achieve the hair you want with the hair you have.

    Common concerns include:

    Breakage,Lack of hair growth, Trouble finding the right products, Hair care routine building, How to manage protein/moisture balance, Transition help, little knowledge on how to manage textured hair

  • Crown & Tress Flyer Hair Replacement Options

    Hair Replacement Options Consult

    Hair Replacement Options Consult

    Does alopecia have you down? Lift your confidence the Crown & Tress way.

    Are you experiencing spot balding or hair loss due to medical or non medically related issues?

    This consult will allow us to see and assess the condition of your scalp and your hair. Our findings help us guide you to a solution specific to your hair replacement goals .

  • Crown & Tress Flyer Supporting Multiracial Families

    Supporting Multiracial Families

    We educate parents on how to manage, maintain, and style textured hair.

    Multiracial families, foster, and adoptive families lack experience, support, cultural resources & training; which, empower them to care for their child's textured hair needs. We offer consults, workshops, and one on one coaching sessions for both parents and children.